A cleaning contract with OTS CLEANING Co. means:

• Ongoing client contact and excellent communication
• Services designed to meet our clients’ needs

OTS takes pride in providing:

• Specialized services – window cleaning, carpet, partitioning and ceiling cleaning.
• Specialized floor care
• Hygienic equipment rental and supplies

Following are the services we offer to our valuables clients:

Commercial Cleaning: Specialist in Commercial Cleaning
All office types and environments
Multi-tenant service
Common area cleaning programs
Basements, Roadways and Parking areas

Retail Cleaning: Specialist in Retail Cleaning
Large and Small Shopping Center
Integrated Work Schedules and Cleaning Program’s
Quality Management Systems

Industrial: Factories and Industrial plants of all Styles and Environments

HACCP: Master Sanitation Schedules
Cleaning of Bakeries and Food environments
Up to date with Legislation
Food Grade Chemicals and Cleaning Materials

Floor Care: Specialists of all Floor types
Strip & Seal
Quality Floor Maintenance Program’s

Carpet Cleaning: Wet Extraction,
Dry Powder Cleaning
Quality Carpet Maintenance System

Window Cleaning: High Level, Low Level
Interior & Exterior
Metal Beams and Inaccessible Areas

Ceiling Cleaning: Cleaning of all ceiling types
Painting of Ceilings
Minor Repairs & Replacement of Tiles

Deep Cleaning: Toilet facilities
Kitchens, Grease Traps
Fridges, Stoves, etc
Compactors and Refuse storage facilities and bins

Hygiene Services: Monthly Service Rentals
Outright purchase
High quality models and finishing

Events Cleaning:
Cleaning services designed specifically for Concerts, sports events, functions. Clean up and Pre clean.
Management of Toilet facilities and refuse

Pre-Cleans: Pre clean of office space, factories and homes.
Specialist of Clean up’s after Alterations or Tenant installations.

Waste Management: Hiring of skips and waste bins
Refuse collection management

Office and Tea Boys: Supply of trained office/tea boys