Operational Efficiency

Operational efficiency is created by the effective utilization of resources to achieve the best possible operation results. We provide manpower plans defining numbers of people, their skills and their effective allocation.
Methods of work will constantly be reviewed to ensure continued relevance and usefulness. Any improvements and savings identified will be notified to our clients for the mutual benefit of both organizations.

We are committed to providing consistently high standards through attention to detail and the implementation of our Quality Systems.

Corporate Identity

OTS recognizes the importance of presenting its front of house service with an image that compliments and reflects that of its clients.

To ensure that all employees meet this objective, a corporate identity in work wear is provided. Whilst the organization has range of “badged and bespoke” work wear, in the company colors of white and blue, there are many of our clients that wish to see OTS employees in apparel uniform that blends in, and is of no lesser quality that that provided for their own employees.

Equipment and Materials

As technology takes significant steps forward, the option is therefore provided to innovate and introduce better equipment. The need to continuously research and review methods of service delivery is essential in the drive for improved productivity ratios and enhanced quality standards.

Our aim is to provide equipment that ensures our employees are provided with ‘Right equipment’ for the ‘Right Job’. Our own accepted ‘Best Practice’ ensures we constantly analyze new equipment arriving in to the market in order to establish and utilize the best machines available.

All equipments, consumables, cleaning agents and detergents are procured through reputable sources and must comply with the required standards where such exists.

Human Resources

Human Resource support is afforded through the company and has responsibility for the provision of all qualitative advice, direction, and the setting of policies and procedures that ensure the organization is both the employee’s and client’s first choice.

The company will :

  • Respect the dignity and work of every employee
  • Implement policies for people development
  • Provide training and inductions
  • Offer operational support and continuous management information
  • Monitor all recruitment and vetting procedures.

The company undertakes to improve the Job skills, Language skills, motivation and management of employee’s by investing in programs suitable for the individual needs of the employee’s and the clients business.